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Owner's Manual

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Description of JVC SU-DH1-J/E Owner's Manual

Complete owner's manual in digital format. The manual will be available for download as PDF file after You purchase it.

Owner's Manual ( sometimes referred to as User's Guide or User's Manual ) contains information on how to use Your device. After placing order we'll send You download instructions on Your email address.

The manual is available in languages: English

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Text excerpt from page 1 (click to view)



This equipment has been designed and manufactured to meet international safety standards but, like any electrical equiprnent, care must be taken if you are to obtain the best results and safety is to be assured. Do read the operating instructions before you attempt to use the equipment. Do ensure that all electrical connections (including the mains plug, extension leads and inter-connections between pieces of equipment) are properly made and in accordance with the manufactuer’s instructions. Switch off and withdraw the mains plug when making or changing connections. Do Do DON’T consuit your dealer if you are ever in doubt about the installation or operatation or safety of your equipment. be careful with glass panels or doors on equipment. continue to operate the equipment if you are in any doubt about it working normally, or if it is damaged in any way—switch off—withdraw the mains plug and consult your dealer. remove any fixed cover as this may expose dangerous volltages. leave equipment switched on when it is unattended unless it is specifically stanted that it is designed for unattended operation or has a standby mode. Switch off using the switch on the equipment and make sure that your family know how to do this. Special arrangements may need to be made for infirm or handicapped people. use equipment such as personal stereos or radios so that you are distracted from the requirements of road safety. It is illegal to watch television when driving. listen to headphones at high volume as such use can permanently damage your hearing. obstruct the ventilation of the equipment, for example with curtains or on soft furnishings. Overheating will cause damage and shorten the life of the equipment. use makeshift stands and NEVER fix legs with wood screws. To ensure complete safety always fit the manufacturer’s approved stand or legs with the fixing screws supplied according to the instructions. allow electrical equipment to be exposed to rain or moisture.

For your safety… − Never use this unit when driving a car, motor cycle, or bicycle. This could result in an accident. − Be careful not to turn the sound volume up too high when using the headphones. Your hearing can be damaged by listening to sounds at excessive volume for long periods. − Do not disassemble or modify this unit. − Do not allow inflammables, water or metallic objects to enter this unit. About batteries… Misuse of battery could result in leakage. This could cause a fire or explosion. To prevent this, pay special attention to the following points: − Be sure to insert the battery with correct positive and negative polarities. − Do not heat, disassemble or short-circuit battery and never dispose of battery by throwing them in a fire. − Read the caution displayed on the battery when in use.

The right side

To Headphone

To digital audio output EX.:

*3 LINE IN ATT switch Adjusts the volume level of the component connected by LINE IN cord. Set the switch to “-8dB” in standard use. When the volume level of the component connected by LINE IN cord is low, set the switch to “0dB.” • Be sure to turn off the power of the unit and component when you connect the component. • While connecting the cord to the DIGITAL IN jack, the digital input is given priority. To reproduce the sound from the component connected by LINE IN cord, disconnect the cord from the DIGITAL IN jack. • While connecting the stereo headphone jack of a portable component by LINE IN cord, noise may be heard if the volume level of the component is set too low. In this case, increase the volume. • When you connect the component having the digital optical jack for digital audio output, please use a digital optical plug/digital mini plug cord such as XN-210SA, XN-220SA and XN-230SA. (Not supplied) • When you connect the LINE IN cord to a component having the jack size of ø6.3mm, please use the plug adapter AP-113. (Not supplied) • This unit only supports the sampling rate 44.1kHz and 48kHz for input signal. When you use a DVD player for the source component, please set the output settings of the DVD player to 48kHz. When you play a sound with the sampling rate 32kHz, please input using LINE IN cord. • While inputting with digital optical signal, the beginning sound of the track may not come out. This is not a malfunction. • Digital input from a PC may not be performed accurately due to the connected component. In this case, use









DVD recorder/player


Mini plug cord of
Digital broadcast tuner

Digital mini plug cord (Not supplied) The bottom side LINE IN cord (Use this cord for analog connection. Located at the bottom of the unit.)
To headphone output EX.:



Digital audio player

Portable DVD player


LINE IN cord for input. • Noise may be heard while fast-forwarding or fast-reversing a music source encoded with DTS. This is not a malfunction.


About Digital Surround
Dolby Headphone Dolby Headphone is a virtual headphone technology developed by Dolby Laboratories. Reproduces the surround system of the Dolby Digital, DTS, MPEG-2 AAC and the sound decoded by Dolby Pro Logic II into the 2 channel of the stereo headphones. Dolby Used to reproduce multichannel soundtracks of the software encoded with Dolby Digital. Dolby Pro Logic II*1 Dolby Pro Logic II has a newly developed multichannel playback format to decode all 2 channel sources — stereo source and Dolby Surround encoded source — into a 5.1 channel. Dolby Pro Logic II has two modes —Movie mode and Music mode: • Pro Logic II Movie (MOVIE) Suitable for reproduction of the software encoded with Dolby Surround. • Pro Logic II Music (MUSIC) Suitable for reproduction of any 2 channel stereo music sources. DTS Digital Surround*2 Used to reproduce multichannel soundtracks of the software encoded with DTS Digital Surround. DTS Digital Surround (DTS) is another discrete multichannel digital audio format available on CD and DVD software. MPEG-2 AAC MPEG-2 AAC is a surround format developed by MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group). MPEG-2 AAC can reproduce the sound in 5.1 channel at the maximum.
*1 Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. “Dolby”, “Pro Logic”, “AAC logo ”, and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories. *2 “DTS” and “DTS VIRTUAL” are registered trademarks of Digital Theater Systems, Inc.

1. Open the battery cover
Slide the cover according to the arrow’s direction.

3.Close the battery cover
Insert the tab of the battery cover to the stopper so that the cover is fixed.

2. Insert the batteries
Be sure to insert the batteries with correct positive and negative polarities.

1 POWER indicator Lights up when the power is on. 2 Decode mode*4 indicator Lights up to indicate the input signal. ( D, PLII, DTS, MPEG-2 AAC) 3 POWER switch Turns the power on or off. 4 Dolby Pro Logic II mode indicator Indicates the selected mode of Dolby Pro Logic II. (AUTO/MOVIE/MUSIC) 5 Dolby Headphone mode indicator Indicates the selected mode of 6 3 Dolby Headphone. (DH1/DH2/DH3) 6 DOLBY HEADPHONE button Selects the mode of Dolby Headphone. 7 DOLBY PRO LOGIC II button Selects the mode of Dolby Pro Logic II. 8 VOL (volume) controller Adjusts the volume level.













Stopper Tab

ABOVE ALL NEVER let anyone especially children push anything into holes, slots or any other opening in the case. This could result in a fatal electrical shock. NEVER guess or make changes with electrical equipment of any kind, it is better to be safe than sorry!



• Supplied batteries are for your initial use. • The use of manganese batteries causes the battery life to end faster. When you use this unit for a long time, please use alkaline batteries. • The POWER indicator flashes when the battery life comes to its end. In this case, replace the batteries.

*4 Decode mode The mode of reproduction subject to the digital surround format of each music source.

AAC Patent marking/AAC Patentkennzeichnung/Marque de licence AAC Pat. 5,848,391; 5,291,557; 5,451,954; 5 400 433; 5,222,189; 5,357,594; 5 752 225; 5,394,473; 5,583,962; 5,274,740; 5,633,981; 5 297 236; 4,914,701; 5,235,671; 07/ 640,550; 5,579,430; 08/678,666; 98/03037; 97/02875; 97/02874; 98/03036; 5,227,788; 5,285,498; 5,481,614; 5,592,584; 5,781,888; 08/039,478; 08/211,547; 5,703,999; 08/ 577,046; 08/894,844; 5,299,238; 5,299,239; 5,299,240; 5,197,087; 5,490,170; 5,264,846; 5,268,685; 5,375,189; 5,581,654; 5,548,574; 5,717,821 © 2006 Victor Company of Japan, Limited Printed in China LNT0056-001A

Informações para os Utilizadores sobre a Eliminação de Equipamento Antigo

PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSE The batteries are exhausted. The batteries are exhausted. The connected component is not being played back. Headphone’s volume level is set to low. The volume level of the connected component is set to low. An audio format which cannot be played back through this unit is being input. The playing component is not outputting the surround signal. Replace the batteries. Replace the batteries. Start playing the connected component. Increase the headphone’s volume. Increase the volume level of the connected component. Check the audio format. Check the digital audio output settings of the playing component and set up so that the playing component can output the surround signal. Set the LINE IN ATT switch to “-8dB.” Decrease the volume level of the connected component. Set the LINE IN ATT switch to “0dB.” Set the Dolby Headphone mode to DH1, DH2 or DH3. Set the Dolby Headphone mode to DH1, DH2 or DH3. Dolby Pro Logic II mode cannot be used for music source encoded DTS and multichannel music source. Replace the batteries. SOLUTION

[Apenas para a União Europeia] Este símbolo indica que o produto com este símbolo não deve ser eliminado como um resíduo doméstico geral. Se pretender eliminar este equipamento, não utilize o caixote do lixo normal! Existe um sistema de recolha separado para estes produtos.


Turn on the power.


Start playing the connected component.


Adjust the sound level.

Power does not come on. No sound.

Set the POWER switch to ON. The POWER indicator lights up.

The appropriate surround mode is automatically selected and corresponding decode mode*4 indicator lights up.

Turn the volume controller to left or right. : Decrease + : Increase

Information for Users on Disposal of Old Equipment


Información para los usuarios sobre la eliminación de equipos usados


[European Union only] This symbol indicates that the product with this symbol should not be disposed as general household waste. If you want to dispose of this equipment, please do not use the ordinary dust bin! There is a separate collection system for these products.

[Sólo Unión Europea] Este símbolo indica que el producto que lo lleva no debe desecharse con la basura doméstica general. Si desea desechar este equipo, ¡no utilice el cubo de basura ordinario! Existe un sistema de recogida especial para estos productos.


Select the mode of Dolby Headphone and Dolby Pro Logic II.
Noise is heard from the The LINE IN ATT switch is set to “0dB.” analog connected component. The volume level of the connected component is set to high. The sound from analog The LINE IN ATT switch is set to “-8dB.” connected component is quiet. Cannot get the surround effect. The Dolby Headphone mode is set to OFF. Cannot activate the Dolby Pro The Dolby Headphone mode is set to OFF. Logic II mode. The music source encoded DTS or multichannel music source is being played back. The POWER indicator is flashing. The batteries are exhausted.

Press the DOLBY HEADPHONE button and the DOLBY PRO LOGIC II button repeatedly to select the surround mode of each function. Dolby Headphone mode



Benutzerinformationen zur Entsorgung alter Geräte


Informatie voor gebruikers over het weggooien van oude apparatuur

DH1: DH2: DH3: OFF:

[Nur Europäische Union] Dieses Symbol zeigt an, dass das damit gekennzeichnete Produkt nicht als normaler Haushaltsabfall entsorgt werden soll. Wenn Sie dieses Gerät entsorgen möchten, werfen Sie es nicht in die normale Mülltonne! Für Produkte dieser Art gibt es ein getrenntes Sammelsystem.

[Alleen Europese Unie] Dit symbool geeft aan dat het product met dit symbool niet bij het huishoudelijk afval mag worden gegooid. Gooi dit apparaat niet in de normale vuilnisbak! Er is een specifiek inzamelingssysteem voor deze producten.

Reproduces the sound with less reverberation like a mixing studio. Reproduces the sound with suitable reverberation like a usual listening room. Reproduces the sound having atmosphere like a mini theatre or concert hall and so on. All the indicators including the Dolby Pro Logic II mode indicator go off and the unit reproduces the sound in stereo.

Surround sound headphone adaptor
Playable format: Dolby Digital (Dolby Surround EX), Dolby Pro Logic II, DTS (DTS-ES 6.1ch), MPEG-2 AAC, PCM (Fs=44.1kHz, 48kHz) Dolby Headphone (DH1/DH2/DH3), Dolby Pro Logic II (AUTO/MOVIE/MUSIC) Optical digital signal mini jack x 1, LINE IN signal cord with Gold plated stereo mini plug (ø 3.5mm) x 1 Stereo mini jack x 1 Alkaline AA battery (DC 1.5V) x 2 approx. 10hours (using Alkaline AA battery), approx. 2.5hours (using Manganese AA battery) 82mm x 20mm x 86mm (W/H/D) approx. 99g (include Manganese AA battery) Manganese AA battery (R6P) x 2 (for initial use), Carrying pouch x 1, Dual plug adaptor x 1

Dolby Pro Logic II mode

Surround function:



Input terminals: Headphone output: Power requirements: Battery life: Dimensions: Mass: Accessories:

Informations relatives à l’élimination des appareils usagés, à l’intention des utilisateurs


Informazioni per gli utenti sullo smaltimento delle apparecchiature obsolete
[Solo per l’Unione Europea]


[Union européenne uniquement] Lorsque ce symbole figure sur un produit, cela signifie qu’il ne doit pas être éliminé en tant que déchet ménager. Si vous souhaitez éliminer cet appareil, ne le jetez pas dans votre poubelle ! Il existe un système de récupération spécifique pour ces produits.

Questo simbolo indica che il prodotto a cui è relativo non deve essere smaltito tra i rifiuti domestici generici. Qualora si desideri smaltire questo apparecchio, non utilizzare una normale pattumiera! Esiste un sistema di raccolta separato per questi prodotti.


The unit automatically selects MOVIE or MUSIC in compliance with the input signal. MOVIE is selected when the playing source is digital input 2 channel DVD or analog input. MUSIC is selected when the playing source is digital input CD or MD. Suitable for reproduction of the software encoded with Dolby Surround. Suitable for reproduction of any 2 channel stereo music source. No indicator lights up.

When AUTO is selected, the AUTO indicator and the MOVIE or the MUSIC indicator light up. You cannot use Dolby Pro Logic II mode when the Dolby Headphone is not activated. Dolby Pro Logic II mode cannot be used for music source encoded DTS, and multichannel music source.

Design and specifications subject to change without notice.

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