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Owner's Manual

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Description of JVC XL-PM5HUJ Owner's Manual

Complete owner's manual in digital format. The manual will be available for download as PDF file after You purchase it.

Owner's Manual ( sometimes referred to as User's Guide or User's Manual ) contains information on how to use Your device. After placing order we'll send You download instructions on Your email address.

The manual is available in languages: English

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Text excerpt from page 2 (click to view)
Power Supply Preparations
The illustration of the grip band is omitted.

Basic Play
AC adaptor (for multi voltage area only) (not supplied) Before use
The illustration of the grip band is omitted.

Other Play Methods
• Play stops automatically when all the tracks have been played.

Using the AC adaptor (not supplied)
AC power outlet

Follow the steps in the numerical order.

Intro play
You can successively play the first 10 seconds of every track.

Program play
You can program up to 64 tracks in any desired order including the same tracks. For Audio CD, go to step 3. Though the display differs a little, operation is the same.

Repeat play
You can repeat one track or all tracks.

Using dry-cell batteries (not supplied)

AC 110V ~127V AC 220V ~240V

Lights when a MP3 disc is used For Audio CD For MP3


AC adaptor

Make sure the present voltage of your AC adaptor fits to your local voltage before plugging it into the AC power outlet. If it doesn’t, shift the AC line-voltage selector with a screwdriver so that it corresponds to your local voltage.

While stopped,

During playback,



While stopped, (MP3 only)
(Repeatedly) 1 track repeat

1 group repeat (MP3 only) All track repeat



Track number in play Elapsed playing time of each track

01 01 02 53



Two “AA” (LR6) alkaline batteries.

00 00 P 01
Program sequence number

Do not forcibly open the battery lid too wide.

Group number

Elapsed playing To cancel
Press MODE repeatedly until the repeat indicator goes out.

If the power plug will not fit your socket, use the AC plug adaptor.

Battery indicator
Battery indicator

How to use the AC plug adaptor (not supplied)

1 6
Firmly connect

time of each track Track number (in the group) in play

To cancel
Press MODE repeatedly until “INTRO” goes out.


Label side



(MP3 only) Select the desired group number. (e.g.02)

• You can also select Repeat play while stopped.


• You can also select Repeat play during Program play.

• Even if the unit is turned off, small power is consumed as long as the AC adaptor is connected to the AC power outlet. • When you want to purchase the AC adaptor, see page 5. This indicator appears when the batteries are almost out of power. Power will be cut off a short while later.

When you want to purchase the AC adaptor and the AC plug adaptor, see page 5.




• You can also select Intro play during playback. In this case, Intro play will start from the next track after the current track has finished. • You can also select Intro play during Program play mode.

02 01 P 01
Group number

Hyper-Bass Sound effect
You can enjoy powerful bass sound.

Random play For your reference: Operation Button Display/reference
“dISC” During playback,

Turning off the Anti-Shock Protection EX will save the battery power more or less. For details, see “Anti-shock Protection EX” on page 4. (Available for an Audio CD only)


Anti-Shock Protection EX

Audio CD
During play,


This indication appears if 3/8 is pressed when no disc is loaded or if the disc is not properly seated.

02 01 P 01


Preventing Accidental Operation (Hold mode)
This function causes the unit to ignore, accidental button presses.

To pause
Press again to restart play. During play,

0700 18
Total number of tracks

01 0400 07
Total number of groups

“– –”

Flashes for several seconds after pressing 3/8 to play. Preparation period before playing the track

After playing all tracks, the unit stops.

This function achieves excellent performance against sound interruption caused by vibrations. You will be able to enjoy listening to music during (not vigorous) jogging. By utilizing the high-performance servo circuit, audio data will be stored in the memory ahead of time. For Audio CD: Up to 40 seconds worth (Anti-Shock Protection on/off selectable) Up to 100 seconds worth at 128 kbps (Anti-Shock Protection is fixed to on.) Normally, this function is in effect. For MP3:

Hold mode prevents the following:

• Powering on the unit accidentally (which can cause the batteries to go dead). • Play being cut off unexpectedly.

• When the unit is in Hold mode, “HOLd” and “ ” lights as follows. Power on : “ ” stays lit. Power off : “HOLd” and “ ” lights up for a few seconds when 6 is pressed.

This indication appears when the lid is open.

To cancel
Press MODE until “RND” goes out, or press 7 to stop the disc.


Select the desired track.

• You can also select Random play in stop mode. • During Program play, you can not select Random play.

To stop

Removing discs

02 03 P 01
Track number

1044 48
Total playing time While stopped, No indication

10 35
Total number of tracks

Turn off the unit and, after the disc has stopped rotating, remove the disc as shown below:

To use the Hold mode

If the HOLD switch is set to the ON position, you cannot turn on the unit.


ANTI SHOCK indicator


As the audio data is gradually stored, the indicator changes as follows:

• To prevent the unit from powering on accidentally, set the HOLD switch to the ON position while the unit is turned off. • To prevent the unit from unexpected operation during play, set the HOLD switch to the ON position after you starts playing the disc.

To turn off the unit
Skip function
During play, • To skip back to the previous track, quickly press 4 twice. • During Program play, the button is used to fast forward or back through the programmed sequence of tracks. • During Random play, the skip button cannot be used to skip back to tracks that were played previously in the random sequence.

00 00 P 02
To cancel (Audio CD only)


ASP [Fully stored]


Auto power off
If the unit is left in stop mode for 30 seconds, the unit turns itself off automatically to prevent the batteries from running down.

The track is registered.

Fast forward/ reverse


About MP3 files
MP3 File Compatibility
• This player can read MP3 files that are recorded in the format that is compliant with ISO 9660. • The player can read or play an MP3 file with the extension code —“.mp3”.

Forward Search function

Disc rotation noise
is not a failure.

For MP3, repeat steps 2-5 to select other tracks. For Audio CD, repeat steps 4 and 5.
When you program exceeding 64 tracks, the program sequence number returns to “01” and will overwrite the previous setting.


The “ANTI SHOCK” indicator goes out.

Playing order of MP3 files
The illustration below shows the normal playing order of the MP3 files. You will see that the MP3 files are played back in the order from the higher hierarchy to the lower one.

Keep depressed during play. During play or while stopped, Group number

The portable CD player uses a power-saving operation method so that disc rotation noise will intermittently be emitted. But, it

To activate again (Audio CD only)

• During this operation, the disc rotates at a higher rate than usual in order to collect extra audio data. This may cause the batteries to run out faster and could result in a slight increase in disc rotation noise. • This function can be switched ON and OFF during playback. However, this may cause a slight interruption in the sound because the disc’s rotational speed changes.

Group skip (MP3 only)


02 01 0
• To confirm the program
While stopped, press PROGRAM repeatedly. At this time, you can add and change the program, if required.

3 4

Group MP3 file

• To delete the entire program
6 7
While stopped, press STOP. Or turn off the unit.



8 9 10 5




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